Dr. Jerisa Berry

America’s ER DR.



Board-certified in Emergency Medicine Dr. Jerisa Berry, DO is a nationally recognized best-selling author, international speaker, consultant and media personality, multi-award winning physician and celebrity fertility expert.  She is on staff at emergency departments throughout South Florida. Dr. Jerisa is also co-owner of a primary care medical clinic and concierge patient practice, Royal Palm Beach Medical Center, with her husband.

When she is not saving lives in the ER, she shares her expertise in real-world health strategies as a sought-after media expert regarding acute, emergent and chronic health conditions.  Her mission is simple: Make ER visits less stressful and more productive by increasing public awareness. Her personal journey of infertility has successfully inspired and encouraged over 5000 women across the world who downloaded her initial Secure Your Fertility APP in 2017.

Because of her experience with alopecia areata in 2020, she formulated the Hair Growth Box, which focuses on the necessary nutrition needed for regrowing healthy hair. With the need for a responsive immune system during COVID-19, she founded Dr. Berry’s Naturals, the premium doctor-formulated supplement line.

Having been quoted in several media outlets, both print and national television, she founded SecureYourFertility.com in 2016 which gave women direct access, increased awareness and offered a solution to women choosing to delay motherhood. Apart from being a number 1 best-selling author, she produced several free e-books for the general public on various topics, including improving the ER experience, delaying motherhood concepts, and on the COVID-19 pandemic.  She shares her knowledge through social media to help people understand a multitude of health conditions and what their first response should be in emergency health situations, how to make their ER visit less stressful, and potentially avoid an ER visit when possible. Her other best-selling books can be found on Amazon.

Dr. Jerisa Berry graduated from Howard University and earned her medical degree from New York College of Osteopathic Medicine, completing her internship and residency at Midwestern University in Chicago, Illinois.

After a 3-year struggle to become a mother, as she continues to share her journey candidly, she is also a busy mom to two toddlers.

In addition to medicine, her passion is to inspire all people that possibilities are endless no matter the odds they face.


Beauty Things


    Emergency Medicine doctor saving lives and concierge physician for private patients, treating acute, chronic, and serious health conditions.


    Dr. Jerisa strengthens public perception of various medical conditions through media appearances and educational videos. She is passionate to motivate people to be proactive in taking control of their health issues.


    Because experience and medicine are the best teachers, Dr. Jerisa feels compelled to help other women understand their options to preserve and increase their fertility, while helping them deal with the issues of getting pregnant.