Emergency Room Tips


Sharpen Awareness

The first physician in my family, from humble beginnings, I started out wanting to become an anesthesiologist. But once in medical school, that changed as I realized I loved the variety of illnesses, patient interaction and education, and procedures of all kinds. If you have an emergency, don't think twice about going. Just GO! Waiting can make matters worse.

Dr. Jerisa ER

“It was my privilege to meet Dr. Jerisa in the ER. I watched her perform surgery on my great-aunt that two others had attempted to do, but could not. With a steady hand, unwavering determination, she operated on my aunt, thereby saving her life! She is without a doubt a hero in our eyes!”

VeLisa Tyson, M.Ed

“It was always reassuring to come to work and see Dr. Jerisa, and know that our patients were in good hands!”

Jan Wooden, ER Unit Coordinator

“I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Dr. Jerisa for several years. I always appreciated how careful she was to provide the very best care to each patient!”

Keely Goolsby, R.N.

“Dr. Jerisa is truly an amazing doctor! We were so lucky to have her!”

Jennifer McDaniels R.N.