Wellness: 3 Tips For Dealing With Anxiety

Wellness: 3 Tips For Dealing With Anxiety

Does it feel like anxiety controls and limits you? Do you want to get out, do new things, meet new people, live your life to the fullest, but fear holds you back? Do you feel frozen by constricting bands of fear? If you do, know that anxiety doesn’t need to limit your life; you can free yourself..

Anxiety usually begins after a traumatic life event, it may have started after a bad fright or shock, such as being in a bad accident, or seeing one happen. Everyone expresses their anxiety in different ways. Because anxiety has many different expressions in different people, different treatments are usually needed.

Common symptoms of anxiety may include fidgeting, muscle tension, headaches, or sleeping problems. Increased anxiety symptoms may produce a rapid heartbeat, sweating, increased blood pressure, nausea and dizziness. This can lead to something even worse, panic attacks.

We all experience anxiety to a certain degree. However, if the above symptoms are more frequent than usual, keep reading: I’ve gathered the below solutions to assist you with your anxiety.

Natural Healing

Natural healing, such as homeopathy, fоr anxiety can be highly effective when your individual needs are met. Homeopathy is a highly еefficient, and rapid, way to resolve any problem. Homeopathy specifically looks for the cause, or when your anxiety started. From there, homeopaths look for your particular symptoms of anxiety.

For example, someone may wake іn the middle of the night feeling anxious. Someone else may feel anxious just from leaving their home. Someone else may have what is known as anticipation anxiety: when they are very nervous before an important event, such as an exam or an interview. However, they are all suffering from anxiety in some form, just in different ways.

When in therapy, the therapists take time to consider all aspects of you and your anxiety: when it started, how severe it is, what sets it off, what settles it, etc. Natural healing for anxiety is proven to resolve and reverse adverse effects, especially if you use the very deep but gentle modality of homeopathy.

Adequate Sleep

Stress or anxiety is usually one of the biggest disruptors of sleep. However, allоwіng уour body enough rest is crucial to managing panic attacks and anxiety. Insufficient sleep deprives your body of its ability to heal. This causes production of toxins that may cause internal damage.

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, the following tips can help you get more hours of rest at night:

  • Block out seven TO NINE HOURS for a full night of uninterrupted sleep.
  • Establish a regular, relaxing bedtime routine.
  • Never watch TV, use the computer, or pay bills before going to bed.
  • Avoid coffee, chocolate, caffeinated soda, or nicotine IN THE EVENING.
  • Make sure your bedroom is cool, dark, and quiet.
  • — USE your bedroom for sleeping and relaxing only.
  • Keep worry and stress outside the bedroom.
  • Exercise regularly, but not too close to your bedtime.
  • Get into bed only when you are tired.
  • Avoid looking at the clock
  • Try not to take naps.
  • Talk to your doctor, if NECESSARY.


Aside from getting adequate sleep, there are other natural remedies for anxiety, including whole food vitamin supplements. Stress hormones сan definitely cause anxiety. To aid the body in coping with stress, it helps to be sure to take in enough vitamins and minerals, particularly vitamin B. Getting an adequate amount of Vitamin B is vital because vitamin B deficiency leads to fatigue and anxiety which doesn’t help anxiety issues.

As we learn to observe our fears and to not breathe life into them, they pass right through us. They usually prove to be nothing – just energy that we need to release. Also as we learn to trust that guіdance is always here for us, and all that we need flows through us, anxiety no longer controls our life. With that comes freedom…freedom to be and express yourself in the world. You can experience the same freedom; all it takes is your willingness to try.

Give it a shot now!

Let me know below in the comments…have you ever suffered with anxiety? If so, how did you get over it?


Dr. Jerisa ER

As one of the nation’s acclaimed doctors, board-certified in Emergency Medicine Dr. Jerisa Berry a.k.a “Dr. Jerisa ER” is also a nationally recognized speaker, media consultant, and author. She is on staff at several emergency facilities in South Florida and is co-owner of a medical clinic, Vital Care Medical Center, Inc. with her husband. Dr. Jerisa is founder of SecureYourFertility.com, where she helps single ladies and career-minded women take control of their fertility.

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